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  • Lynn Burrow

Tudor Farmers Frolic Festively

Frolicking Festively at the Cheshire Cheese in Longnor

The Tudor Farming Interpretation Group held a festive get together and lunch at the Cheshire Cheese pub in Longnor on Tuesday.  But to earn their dinner they had to have a very busy meeting first to plan the events happening over the forthcoming months.  These are:

  1. Developing the school comic with the heritage interpreter and artist:

  2. Creating an on-site concession path for visitors to discover the amazing archaeology on site.

  3. Creating a travelling exhibition and talks programme in the local area

  4. Writing a book about Whitle and the project

  5. The final event extravaganza – put it in your diary – you know you don’t want to miss it:  Sunday July 16th 2017

If anyone wants to get involved with any of these activities please get in touch with project manager, Catherine. And if you know of any groups in the area who would like us to come along with our travelling exhibition and talk, please let us know.

Merry Christmas!


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