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Here you can find, in one place, all the things we’ve found out through the historical research, through the work of volunteers, the reports on the archaeological surveys, the raw LiDAR data and so on.

This page includes all discoveries made and reports that were written.

Click on the links to open or download the documents. If you have any trouble accessing them, use our contact page to let us know and we will do our best to get a copy to you in a format you can access.


  • Under Whitle Paleoenvironmental Report by Dr Tudur Davies (March 2022) - Download

  • Digging Deeper - The report on the excavations carried out between 23rd August to 12th September 2021 on behalf of The Tudor Farming Interpretation Group for the Digging Deeper Community Archaeology Project by Dr Ian Parker Heath - Download

  • Medieval and Post-Medieval Ceramics from Under Whitle, Staffordshire by Jonathan Goodwin Senior Archaeologist at Stoke-on-Trent City Council - Download

  • Charred Plant Remains and Wood Charcoal Assessment by Ellen Simmons, Sheffield Archaeobotanical Consultancy Department for Archaeology University of Sheffield - Download


The report that started the whole thing off! by Jim Rylatt then of the Peak District National Park.

An overview of the chronology of Under Whitle and what we knew before starting out on the project, thanks to the detective work of Elspeth Walker.

Dr Simon Harris’ excellent report on the research done by the history volunteers up until Easter 2016.

A glossary of words found in the interim report that not everyone might understand, compiled by Harry

Pauline Dolan one of our volunteers had already analysed some of the probate documents from Sheen dating from 1540-1620. It makes fascinating reading. The first document is a pdf that will open in a new window, the second is an excel document that will download when you click on the link.

Click on the link above to access the raw LiDAR data from the survey done early 2016 by the Environment Agency via Dropbox. Click the images below for larger versions to see the lidar data as manipulated by Steve Malone of Trent and Peak Archaeology, which makes sense of the raw data. The large image covers the whole area of the LiDAR survey, the smaller ones focus just on the area around Under Whitle.    


  • Report on the Geophysics prepared by Dr Paul Johnson of Trent and Peak Archaeology. A thorough report that helped us to decide where to put the trenches.

  • Here is the Evaluation Report on the whole project, lovingly prepared by Lynn Burrow!

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