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  • Catherine Parker-Heath

Sorting out the Survey!

Today, I, along with Elspeth and Lynn, have been busy working on the practicalities of running a  Heritage Lottery Funded archaeological survey. With a list of ‘things-to-discuss’ carrying over 3 pages, we did very well indeed, and things are moving apace. I know for a fact that Lynn has already ordered the acknowledgment banners and badges from the HLF and we’ve finalised the designs of directional signage so that our hoards of visitors don’t get lost on the way! There were lots of others things we did and discussed too, but too many to mention.

One of the best things was managing to meet with Paul Mortimer, who works for the National Trust and leads the Young Archaeologist Club at Ilam, and a young archaeologist’s mum, Amanda, (who is very knowledgeable about the Tudors). We showed them around the farm and explained the project to them in more detail.  We are very pleased to say that Paul and the young archaeologists will be visiting us quite a few times during the course of the project and we look forward to meeting them for the first time this Saturday!


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