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Horrobyn Histories – Kay’s Story

The sixth of our instalments is from Kay…

Going through the Lichfield Diocesan Registry Visits Records for years between 1629 and 1668 it seems that a large number of people in the local area (not necessarily in Sheene itself) were excommunicated, often with no reason listed. In one case Anna Grindon is listed as ‘pregnant with illegitimate child father unknown. Excommunicated’. We can only speculate as to the ‘culprit’ but such insights into social history/ backgrounds are absorbing and fascinating.

And why, between Lady Day 1785 and Lady Day 1789, a matter of 3 years, did the rent on the two properties in Sheen increase from £10 for the year to £27 and £30?  I didn’t realise that looking at rentrolls would be so intriguing.

Transcribing the lease (1680) for Under Whitle proved a challenge initially (not least making sure we didn’t migrate to a different row of text when we returned from a break) but the satisfaction of working out the script is tremendous.  Alex and I have yet to finish this document but hope to do so in the next few days.


To update you, Kay and Alex have completed transcribing this lease. Thanks for all your hard work!


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