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Horrobyn Histories – Hilary’s Story

Unfortunately, I missed putting out an instalment yesterday! So here’s Hilary to make up for it. It ends on a happy note too…

At Matlock, I have been looking at some documents from the Harpur-Crewe Estate detailing the rents paid by their tenants (Rent Rolls) which includes the Horobins at Under Whitle.  Conquering my nerves about handling a tightly rolled up 500-year-old parchment, with Simon’s help, we discovered an entry for Richard Horobin of Alstonfield, dated to before 1540 because the Abbot of Commbermere was in the same list (and his tenancy came to an abrupt end in that year thanks to Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries.)

In Lichfield, I have been looking at ‘Bishop’s Transcripts’ of Sheen’s Parish Records.  They shed a surprising and sometimes poignant light on the goings-on of Whitle and its neighbours.  Where the transcripts are arranged chronologically, mixing those milestones of Baptism, Marriage and Burial in a single list of entries, it becomes very clear how frequently children were being buried, some very soon after their baptism.  On a more cheerful note though, it seems that sisters Martha and Ann Harrison (of Whitle) got married on the same day 29 December 1800.


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