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Horrobyn Histories – Alex’s story

Alex kicks off with the first of the daily instalments about what’s been going on at those record offices…

My next job was to transcribe a tenancy agreement for Under Whitle dating back to the 1500s I think – which despite Simon’s tips for interpreting, it might as well have been in Greek. I tried a later agreement (1680) between William Horrobin and Sir John Harpur (which took the tenancy over from William and Agnes Mellor if I’ve understood it correctly!), which was easier (only just) to read. I joined forces with Kay for this and it was much easier working in a pair. We are continuing with the document and hope to finish it off soon.

A thoroughly enjoyable, endlessly fascinating day – with great company. Thanks for the opportunity.


I have since been informed that Alex and Kay have indeed finished the document – well done! And I can vouch for the fact that it may as well have been in Greek (actually I could have done a good job of reading it had it been) – remember this post – Hard at work at the record offices and out of them ?



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