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The survey so far…

Well, we are having a great time here on the survey. Already it is Day 3! Where has the time gone?

volunteers enjoying a well-earned break

Volunteers enjoying a well-earned break

The first two days were training for the volunteers – 29 altogether – and it was such a pleasure meeting everyone. In the afternoon of Friday, teaching assistants from St Thomas More’s Secondary School, Buxton came along to join in, so they know what the children they’ll be bringing on Tuesday will be in for. We think they were quite impressed by what they saw.

Trent and Peak Archaeology have been wonderful. It’s been such a pleasure working with them – with Steve Malone, Tom Hooley and Joe Groarke, and today we had the pleasure of meeting Tina and Pov.

Tom from Trent and Peak Archaeology

Tom from Trent and Peak Archaeology

Joe from Trent and Peak Archaeology

Joe from Trent and peak Archaeology

Alan and Margaret sittign having a rest

Alan and Margaret

There’s has been lot of positive feedback over the past three days and we wanted to try and catch some of it. To this end we have put up a sheet of paper for people to record their thoughts as we go along. This is the sort of things people have written so far:


(I hope those features Ian revealed were archaeological ones!)

We have also asked people to write a little something about what they think they are doing here – the big picture, what it is they think they are contributing to. These are being posted up in the Studio and here on the website.

We have a couple of days off now and will be back on Tuesday…

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