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Meet the TFIG: Introducing Peter McGrory!

I was born and educated in the North West and moved with my job ending up in Milton Keynes – most of my working life had been selling Instrumentation to the Water Industry. I have always loved walking, and being in the  hills – missing the “North” I moved back some 18 years ago, something I should have done before!!!  I was accepted for the training  and joined the Ranger Service as a Patrol Ranger .

With the Tudor Farming Group my principal involvement has been playing the part of one Roger Horrobyn, a Tailor from the Sheen and Longnor area – one might say a colourful character who looses his desire to become a Gentleman Farmer, the outcome of  a Court Case at the Chancery Court in London.

With my fellow team members, I am looking forward to being involved with “the dig” and to see what the coming year brings with the Peeling Back the Layers Project.

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