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Meet the TFIG: Introducing Lynn Burrow!

Lynn as Will Horrobyn!

I’m Lynn Burrow, Secretary of the Tudor Farming Group.  I fell in love with the Egyptians and archaeology  at the age of 8, became fascinated by the Tudors during my A levels and I’ve been searching for the past in our landscape ever since.  In my day job, I’m an Area Ranger for the Peak District National Park and have spent the last twenty years interpreting this extraordinary landscape to school children, the visiting public and local residents.  I particularly enjoy historical re-enactment, which is why I can often be found wearing doublet and hose and pretending to be Will Horrobyn, the Younger.

Although I I studied history as part of my degree, I have only a very amateur understanding of archaeology, so  I can’t wait to  learn from professional archaeologists, exactly how they discover and interpret the humps, bumps and artefacts that lie beneath the turf. And I’m longing to know if any archaeology will actually link to the Tudor documents relating to Whitle. So, my trowel is at the ready, let’s bring it on!


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