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Meet the TFIG: Introducing Leila Serougi!

Leila as Keziah Horrbyn

I’m Leila – alias Keziah Horrobyn when in Tudor guise. This is where I enjoy the opportunity to get in costume and  show visitors aspects of life back on the Tudor farm.

I’ve always loved the countryside, so after moving to the Peak District around 16 years ago and discovering our National Park and the work it does, I then applied to join their Ranger Training course (albeit with some trepidation at first). Possibly one of the best things I ever did! As voluntary Patrol Ranger, I’ve since enjoyed leading guided walks for the public as well as becoming involved in themed events such as the TFIG’s  “Life on a Tudor Farm”.

My background is in Primary Education but I now deliver outdoor educational activities to visiting school groups – helping them learn about the environment and to appreciate and enjoy this really special area . I love seeing ancient sites both at home and abroad so I’m now really looking forward to our new project – it’s a great opportunity to work and learn alongside the professionals,  experiencing history and real “LIVE” archaeology in action. Hopefully, there will be some exciting discoveries waiting for us beneath those peeled back layers!


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