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Meet the TFIG: Introducing Harry Ball!

I’ve had an interest in history since I was a child and as a young adult I was a member of an amateur local archaeology group digging holes in caves and burial mounds in the Peak District and at sites in Stoke on Trent.

In the last three decades I’ve had a passion for studying the Anglo-Saxon period, in particular I study the origin and development of the English language. This has led me to learn to read the Anglo-Saxon language, more properly called Old English, and to acquire a little skill in writing Old English using a quill and parchment. The study of Old English texts is my main interest (an obsession according my wife) but I avidly read whatever I can about Anglo-Saxon history and archaeology and art and society and anything else. To further these studies I am a member of an Anglo-Saxon society, an Old English reading class and a living history group. With the latter I dress as a monk and demonstrate Old English writing at shows and events. I had no problem then in converting to Tudor costume for the Tudor project at Under Whitle although I do find the Tudor script more difficult to read than the much earlier Old English work. Clearly handwriting does not necessarily get better with time.

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