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Home Educators help ‘peel back the layers’

We didn’t just have schools visit the site during the survey, we also had group of enthusiastic children who are educated at home.

Ranging in age from 7 to 12, they got stuck in with all the activities, taking part in the geophysics, drawing a sketch plan of the orchard, and drawing to scale. They even fitted in a game of tug-o’-war and, of course, Tudor Call-My-Bluff! It was a pleasure to welcome them and hope they can come back for the excavations.

This is what they said they liked about their day with us:

“I liked everything”

“walking around the field with Ian”

“walking on old tracks, walking to understand the land, teaching u goggles :-)” (just ask if you want to know what ‘goggles’ is!)

“I liked doing the sketching”

“I could correct the sketches. It was very interesting!”

“Playing Tudor Call my Bluff”

I enjoyed sketching the landscape and looking at the old findings. Thank you for such a fun and informative day”

If there are any other home educators out there who would like to join us for the excavations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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