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Graveyard Gang Successfully Finish Survey!

We of the “Graveyard Gang” wanted to tell you we have finished the survey of all the graves in St Luke’s churchyard, Sheen.

This has been very enjoyable,  working with friends delving into the histories of the people who are buried there, sharing their lives. Some of the stories revealed by the inscriptions are unbelievably sad, but the solid stone church set amid lime trees and snowdrops has witnessed joyful occasions too.

We celebrated with a Christmas lunch in The Staffordshire Knot, running across the car park in a deluge of winter rain, to the warmth of fires, holly and Christmas decorations, and very good food. Now all we have to do is copy  the information onto a database which will be available and searchable on the web-site, and which hopefully will not involve laying on wet grass trying to read faded lettering!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Margaret and the Graveyard Gang


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