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Day 1 – The Beginning…

Well, what a day! Despite a series of setbacks yesterday and a very rainy morning, I think it all went swimmingly!

(I won’t go into details about the setbacks but it involved a broken brand new printer, a bad back and a car that wouldn’t start – not to mention the ill husband and our 6 year old who went crazy with the luminous orange paint we were using to spray wooden steaks!).

Anyway, we welcomed 28 volunteers to site to undertake training and although we hadn’t been able to open a trench yesterday ready for some to try their hand at trowelling, there was still plenty to do. There was a grid to set out, trenches to lay out, turf to take off, a cellar to prepare by taking down a fence and removing a tree, and existing finds from Under Whitle to have a good look at.

And, I would just like to say, what a great bunch of people we have helping out, who kept smiling and keen the whole day through. Hopefully, I can persuade some to write about their experiences, but I am grateful to everything everybody did today.  I’m feeling rather tired now and need to sign off and prepare myself for greeting 16 teachers and TAs tomorrow. It’ll be their turn for training (I wonder if they realise what hard work de-turfing is?), but they’ll also be considering how archaeology can be used to teach the primary curriculum in the relative comfort of the Studio and we’ll make sure we give them lots of cups of tea. We even have some games for them to play 😉

For now, thank you so much everyone and here are some photos…


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