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  • Catherine Parker-Heath

Radio Stars 2!

This week has partly been about sending out press releases to various local papers, radio and TV stations to promote the upcoming excavations and advertise the Open Day on Saturday 25th June.

It had not been 5 minutes since emailing, when High Peak Radio were on the phone asking whether I would be able to give an interview. Of course, I said yes, but little did I know that time was tight and to fill a slot this Thursday I had to be ready to go within the hour!

So, that was that. Off I went to the studio in Chapel and told them about the project, what we are hoping to find and when the open day is. As always with things like this, I was left wondering what I might have missed out and what I should have said (I sound like I do radio interviews all the time – I don’t by the way).

Well, I (and you) will just have to wait until Thursday to find out if I managed to get all the important bits in. The interview will be aired at 10.30am and again at 3.30pm. If you miss it then you should be able to catch up on-line and listen again on High Peak Radio’s facebook page.



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